sewage plants, nuclear power plants and industrial plants

Sewage plants

  • Sewage drains
  • Septic tanks
  • Digestion tanks
  • Aeration tanks

In sewage plants we carry out the examinations and cleaning work with special equipment.

We place and replace agitators, sliders, fork-carrying wheels and air pressure pipes. We recover foreign objects, place shut-off bladders and examine the installations in den basins.

Huge advantage: No interruption of operation in the plant. The water does not have to be lowered or pumped down.

Nuclear power plants

We have experience in the primary and secondary sector of nuclear power plants. In our longtime activity we have been working on almost all immersed components of a nuclear power plant.

Industrial plants

  • Process water basin
  • Optical control (UW-film-shootings)
  • Cleaning of the basins
  • Filter change
  • General repairs
  • Measuring of basins and pipe systems