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Our service portfolio covers a broad and well-founded spectrum of underwater work. TAF’s core area of expertise is diving work such as inspections and documentation, repairs, salvage, installation, maintenance, refurbishment of masonry, bridge piers and structures in water as well as cutting and dredging.

Our professional divers regularly perform underwater work in sewage treatment plants, power stations and industries, on construction sites and port facilities. They support projects in the fields of environmental engineering, water body restoration and hydro-engineering or perform a wide range of tasks on floating installations, equipment and ships.

Our state-of-the-art machinery has also proven to be a major competitive advantage. Amphibious multi-functional equipment, Menzi Muck, Pontos, work boats, work buses with trailer, construction containers, ROV, pipe inspector, forklift, pontoon crane and much more. The machinery is regularly maintained to ensure safety on the construction site for your and our employees.

TAF Taucharbeiten AG guarantees that all regulations for safety and health protection of the BauAV (construction work regulation) as well as the SUVA are complied with in every respect. When it comes to safety, nothing is left to chance for our company.

TAF, a Swiss quality company, is a dynamic partner, packed with history of innovative ideas, fascinating challenges and exceptional performance.

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Firmenportrait herunterladen

Overview of all services

Im Schlamm, Schilf und Seegras
Amphibious work

Our water maintenance boat proves its worth in marshlands, delicate waters, nature reserves or golf courses. Tools for this purpose are cutting equipment for sea grass and reed as well as a sludge extraction and dredging unit.

Für Entschlammungen: der Mudmaster
Desludging with the Mudmaster

Thanks to our amphibious vehicle with sludge treatment plant we can perform desludging and water maintenance. We are the specialists for all desludging projects.

Drinking water sector

Regular checks of your well avoid costly surprises. We replace defective fittings such as flange, gate and slide rods, seal leaks and extract impurities.

Embankment wall refurbishment

For the refurbishment of embankments, scourings and underwashed structures, we use fabric formwork or fabric containers. They are “inoculated” with a special underwater concrete.

In Industrieanlagen
Industrial plants

We perform maintenance, inspections, cleaning and repairs while the plants are in operation. We dive into process water tanks, cooling tanks and hot water tanks up to a temperature of 40° in industrial plants.

Menzi Muck walking excavator

Our Menzimuck also has its own legs in the water. No slope is too steep for it, no ground too soft. Whether on uneven terrain, in a swamp, on our work pontoon or in narrow canals, streams.

MTA Pipe Electroscan
MTA Pipe Electroscan

For determining the condition of sewage pipes. The electromagnetic measuring method MTA Pipe Electroscan is used both for locating and qualifying damage in non-conductive waste water pipes.

MTA Pipe Inspector
MTA Pipe Inspector

Battery operated without cables and floats in the media flow of the pipeline and continuously supplies data from the inside of the pipes to record the condition of the inspected section without excavations or pipe separations.

Nuclear power plants

We dive in the reactor, cooling tower and intake structure, in the transfer pool for fuel elements as well as in the outside facilities of nuclear power plants. Maintenance, inspections and repairs are some of the things we do best.

Hafenbau, Stege und Brücken
Port construction and jetties

We design, produce, install and maintain your floating systems from A to Z. Our range of products includes fixed pontoon, bathing and private jetties as well as rowing, canoeing and kayaking facilities.

Quagga und Zebra Muscheln
Quagga and Zebra Mussels

The animals, which can be up to 40 millimetres in size, now have a firm grip on waters throughout Europe. Due to their invasive distribution in large numbers up to 65 metres, they cause considerable damage.

Sewage treatment plants

This field of work includes storage, aeration and digestion tanks of sewage and biogas plants, slurry pits, components of nuclear power plants, excavation pits in heavily contaminated subsoil as well as sewer systems.

Unterwasserbau Rückbau
Underwater construction / deconstruction

The expertise of the TAF specialists is enormous. They perform assembly work, concreting, welding, cutting and blasting under water. Search work, lifting and salvaging are also some of the complex tasks they perform.

Underwater Inspection System ROV

Using our mobile diving robot we are able to inspect structures and sea pipes as well as check tunnels and pipes from the inside. Tasks that are difficult to access or dangerous for divers are performed by our ROV.

Underwater pipelines
Underwater pipelines

Our lakes, especially densely populated lake regions, are used as the most direct connection to electrical or communication networks, water, air and gas pipelines.