Wireless video inspection of pipelines

With integrated leak detection for drinking water, wastewater, hydropower and industry


MTA Pipe-Inspector enables seamless optical and acoustic inspection of transport lines, regardless of pipe material, without interrupting operations. The method works wirelessly, which makes the continuous optical examination of long line sections of up to 50km possible. MTA Pipe-Inspector floats battery-operated in the media stream of the piping system and continuously delivers data from inside the pipeline for condition detection of the examined pipeline section – without excavations or pipe separations.

Overview of advantages and properties

  • Drinking water certified
  • Without business interruption
  • Without digging or pipe separations
  • Great daily performances
  • No cleaning in advance
  • Low personnel costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Noise recording for locating the smallest leaks
  • Precise up to 5I / h at 5bar operating pressure
  • Pressure recording over the entire length of the line
  • Turbidity measurement optional
  • Conductivity measurement optional
  • Temperature measurement
  • Meter specification
  • Video recording in HD quality
  • DN 100 – DN 3000
  • Pressure lines up to 100bar
  • Acoustic leak detection
  • Location of deformations and high points
  • Damage log with picture