Underwater pipelines / underwater pipeline construction

Our lakes, especially densely populated lake regions, are used as the most direct connection to electrical or communication networks, water, air and gas pipelines.

There are various underwater pipelines in our waters:

Underwater cable: e.g. Internet, telephone, television reception and power supply
Steel pipelines: e.g. seawater catchments, ARA outlets, gas and drinking water pipes, seawater for cooling and heating as well as waste water pipes and cable culverts.
PE pipelines: e.g. analogous to steel lines as well as pressure lines and cable protection pipes for high-voltage and ventilation lines.

The conditions under water can often be complicated and demanding. Typical features are very deep waters, for example in the alpine region, or very shallow waters combined with narrow strips of bank. In addition, environmental regulations usually have to be fulfilled. Heavy, floating equipment can often only be used to a limited extent or not at all. Underwater pipeline projects therefore always require detailed planning and usually very individually designed installation methods. In addition, the operation of the lines, including maintenance and repair work, must also be taken into account.

Our company has been active in underwater pipeline construction for over 20 years. Thanks to our experienced divers as well as technically high-quality and modern machinery, we are able to perform all work related to underwater pipelines under the highest safety standards.
We as professionals face these challenges and are your partner when it comes to a successful project.