Underwater inspection system
Remotely Operated Vehicle

The system consists of an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) with an integrated 360 ° sonar. The cable length is 1700m and the maximum depth of use is 300m. The ROV is handy and light and is therefore also suitable for use on smaller boats and in difficult to access waters (e.g. mountain lakes). It has a gripper with opening / closing and 360 ° rotation and has an additional 24V current output for optional devices. The maximum driving speed is approx. 3.5 knots and the driving functions include auto depth, auto direction and lateral shifting.

The integrated 4K camera can be swiveled vertically over 180 ° and has a zoom function to document details more precisely. In addition, there is also an image transmission via cable with insertion of depth and compass direction on the control monitor as well as two video outputs.

The high-resolution 360 ° sonar is integrated on the ROV. It gives an overview of the nature of the terrain even in the worst view and shows the shape and dimension of anomalies and objects.

On the one hand, the inspection system is ideally suited for the inspection of sea lines and the internal inspection of tunnels and pipes. Abnormalities and defects can be localized directly during the visit and examined more closely.

On the other hand, it also fulfills all the requirements for search and rescue missions and as a UW platform for archeology and research projects.