In mud, reed and seagrass

The amphibious waters care boat is a worldwide unique amphibious vehicle. This multifunction machine in the nearshore environment of the waters proves itself in marshes and everywhere, where conventional machines can’t get at all.

In the water the Amphimaster swims, on land it moves by means of crawlers. These have a low bearing load and are therefore able to cross tricky waters, golf courses or nature reserves without damaging the ground.

We carry the following work tools:

  • Cutting tools for various usages (cutter bar for seagrass, cutter bar for reed, cutter bar sideways)
  • Standard rake for gathering water plants, reed and floating refuse
  • Mud suction device for the vacuuming of sediments (mud). The hoses are able to transport the absorbed material up to a length of 300 meters and vacuum up to a depth of 3,5 meters
  • Digger unit at the front of the vehicle. It is suited for the working on in- and outflows of ponds. Furthermore it can be used in canals, harbours, slipping ramps as well as around bridge pillars or for the laying of cables in marshland